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Types of Consulting

Image by Adrian Flores


I work with you to identify barriers, move through blocks and help you with S.M.A.R.T Goals  (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound goals).

Image by Aaron Burden


Share with me an idea, project, book, grant write up, application, resume, business start up, illustration, photography, anything you are working on. I will provide articulate, in depth, detailed, constructive feedback. My goal is to see you full of pride, confidence and excitement over the beautiful gifts you are bringing to the table.

Blue Bird


This is where I work with you side by side to birth your idea into existence. For example, you would like to start a non-profit to create safe animal crossing for endangered species but are feeling overwhelmed with no idea how to start. We trouble shoot together, research, call around, write up a list of questions, and talk to different resources.  You are leading the show while I will offer a supportive roll in the process of bringing your ideas to life.

Image by Jonatan Pie

Teaching Trauma Recovery

Trauma can present itself in many ways. You absolutely can get your life back on track and feel whole again! Step by step with the right tools you can overcome any hardship you face.  I am an expert at rising from the ashes. I have the tools to help you spread your wings once again. We will see you soaring sooner than you thought possible.

Image by Gérôme Bruneau

Crisis Assist

If you are in extreme mental, physical, or situational crisis I can help guide out. My service is not a replacement for medical help, but I can take you to a safer place and support you through your struggles. I offer a no judgement, safe and accepting space for you to vent and sort yourself out. This is an alternative approach for those like myself whom connect better with some with life experience over those with many years of study in psychology. I know how difficult it is to connect with someone with all the theoretical knowledge and none of the relatable experience. I have a tremendous amount of life experience in many walks of life so my alternative approach might be a good fit to assist you to get to calmer waters.

Image by Tim Mossholder

Metaphysical Healing and Discovery

Ask what you want to know. I am stellar at being interstellar. I can help you find understanding, acceptance and peace around experiences outside the normal scope of things. I can also explain what is happening and teach you a variety of techniques to help you cope with changes in your reality.

Image by Laurenz Kleinheider

Intuitive Connecting

Quiet intentional heart led activities catered to each individual's needs in the moment. We will be connecting with higher realms of self and whatever/whomever is wanting to connect to give positive structured guidance on struggles you may be facing.

Image by Samuel Myles
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