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Leadership Training, Business Boot Camp and The Cat's Coliseum


To bring more compassion, patience, understanding,

humanity, and ethics to business in the corporate world.

To train, to teach, and entertain while we build

better for the generations to come. 

Program Ideas:

There is a three fold program plan. The first is a flip the script coliseum the leaders and politicians are in the arena, the lions are running the show and the coin goes to the people.  The second is leadership training workshops and the third is Business Boot Camp seminars. It will come into a city as a summit with conferences, workshops, seminars, community events and the coliseum games and tournaments.


Money raised from and around these summits go to the People's Project Bank that goes directly to helping people or helping planet projects, the Old Olympic Stadium Reformation Committee that works on bringing old stadiums back to life either with the good structures being restored to be used as intended for the community or structures turned into food growing and sharing network/ sustainable schools/ created wild and maintained new or revived ecosystems,  the Ecosystem Revival Collaboration, the host city, venue and staffing the event.

The Cat's Coliseum:

So named because it is the lions, the spiritual warriors, the survivors, the ones that have fallen through the cracks, been to hell and back who are leading and running the show. The Cat's Coliseum is a series of ever changing challenges designed to mercilessly  break the spirit of the competitors. The world leaders, politicians, CEOs, corporate business folk that compete have to go through grueling physical, and  mind breaking psychological tasks where points are awarded in unexpected ways and crowds are not cheering for their success. Not an easy or predictable tournament to win.

Leadership Training Workshops:

These are very standard workshops and seminars to help people better lead their company, community or organizations that take place in the city during the week of the summit.

Business Bootcamp:

This is very physically demanding obstacle courses, sets of puzzles  and races centered around learning and integrating better business practices. The Business Boot Camp is part of the spectacle it will have both the coliseum competitors and citizens of the host city participating.   

Image by Nick Night
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