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Co-creative Community Centers



To create place that is designed to bring people together,

to give back and bridge divisions within communities.

Centers that are brimming with creativity, emphasizing

sharing and connection as well as being welcoming to all.



Program Ideas:

Art Programs: Group Mural Flow Large Canvas, Cross -culture indoor/outdoor wall murals, Set Design, Co-Animation


Community Theater Programs: Plays, Musicals, improvisation performing crews, youth and elder joint drama studies


Writting programs: Theater Co-Writing Programs, Creative Co-Writing, Coding Teaching and Co-Writing 


Food Programs: Learning and Cooking Together Kitchen, Community Meals, Adaptive Cooking Teaching for  those with disabilities, Local Food growing/seeding sharing and teaching  network, Community  Gardens, Greenhouse Growing Connectivity and Sales

Sport and team building  programs/camps/retreats

Children's  programs after-school and camps focusing on health, joy, togetherness, mindfulness, sustainability, peace  and connection

Forever young programs for 55+

Bingo, cards, Co-Creating quilt and blankets, Up and moving, and social groups.


Community  Outreach  Programs for elderly, disability, low income, parenting, perinatal & new moms, veterans, first line workers, foster children


Trade Building, Teaching and Sharing Programs


Language Studies 


Singing and Music Programs 


To make a world wide chain of community centers focused on togetherness and connection

Image by Hannah Busing
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