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Crowefire Company​


To create a great working environment for all of its 

employees. Be a company that is for people and planet

before profits. Build communities and take care of our

team and the those we aim to help. Be a dynamic hub

of resources and networking.  


Program Ideas:

Build a work environment where employees can choose to work remotely or in person, that is flexible and adaptive to each individual needs. Pay employees well, give bonus and raises, as well as making sure each employee has access to benefits and vacation time. The goal of the business is to look out for one another and bring humanity together as a family. As well as helping people and the planet Crowefire Company aims to inspire, draw out creativity and bring forth healing. 

Have a physical hub for the company as well as a virtual hub. Manage all the projects, funding and resources for the company and it's sister companies

Step by step, little by little build a better world than we know. Be the peace we want to see and watch that peace spread.

Image by Fern M. Lomibao
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