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Image by Tom Barrett

Healing Hospitals​


To help the heroes in the hospital live healthier, less

stressful and more enjoyable lives, as well as to help

the patients get better quality of care, heal quicker and

have a greater chance of staying healthy long term. To

connect, teach and improve on every aspect of giving

and receiving care in the facility.​​ The aim is to make

improvements in an affordable and manageable way

that does not put any extra strain on the system.

Program Ideas:

There is a three fold program plan. The first is to improve the working environment and communications for all staff from the maintenance to medical staff. Take a no man or woman left behind approach to addressing and trouble shooting the challenges of working in and around the facility. The second is to advocate for patients on every ward making sure their voices are heard and that they are seen not just lost in the system. The third program is creating a self maintaining resource and community services hub to help everyone who walks into the building connect with the services they need.

Work Environment:

The company would have packages for 3 months, 6 months and a year. The team would go in see and assess the campus top to bottom, run several audio transcribed to text  meetings on the go via bluetooth headsets to understand the problems each department and section of staff are facing. Have individual department and cross department meeting to see the bigger picture and to come up with solutions for everyone involved. the team would make a comprehensive report and check back in with the organization every few years to help maintain the changes. The team would have blue tooth head sets to rent.

Patient Care:

The team would go in run healing circles in wards were patents talk about what is going on with them have support and are listened to, visit patients individually hear there stories, and advocate for the patient needs. The team will connect in- patient and out-patient care create a system of fluidity so no one gets dropped. The team will then train a circle of volunteers to continue these practices funded by a non- profit better patient care association of some kind.

Resource Connection Hub:

A room in the hospital will be set up with organized pamphlet holders by type of care the service or resource offers, some tables, chairs, computers, printers and "How to access the services in your city manuals" and a call to the information booth for assistance button. The services provide pamphlets  only expense to facility beyond initial set up is cleaning the room, maintaining the computers and supplying office supplies. The team purchases the fixtures and bills the organization while the labour to set up the installment is part of the package of having the team come in. The team will buy the furniture in bulk from wholesale suppliers to greatly reduce set up costs.

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