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Wellness Programs

Every Friday at 10 am  Eastern Time I  will facilitate a wellness support group. The cost is $10 CAD each 45 minute session.  No obligation to attend a certain amount. You can attend as much or as little as you like. It is support  when you feel you need it. 

First Friday of the month:


Second Friday of the month:


Third Friday of the Month:


Fourth Friday Of the Month:


The first  Monday of every month At 5pm -6:30 pm Eastern Time $20 CAD for session:


Every third  Monday of the month 8pm -9pm Eastern Time $25 CAD:


I have a large wellness support discussion group and  have smaller wellness support groups available on the Connect page.

Coaching + Consulting

The  seven types of  coaching and consulting  mentioned  in greater detail on the home page are offered in one on one sessions as a main focus for the session. I will utilize the full range of my gifts  to assist you  to the best of my ability. I am offering: coaching for motivation and goal setting, consulting for  constructive feed back and structuring around your ideas, collaborating where I am working with you to bring your dreams to reality, teaching trauma recovery  where I help you get back  on your feet and give you the tools for sustainable stability in your life, crisis assist where I help you help yourself out of challenging situations, metaphysical healing and discovery where I teach you how you can get your gifts to work for you and how to heal from experiences you struggle to understand, and  I  offer intuitive connection where I help connect you to your higher self and guides beyond the physical world.

Team Transformation Sessions are where I work with a company, organization, research team or community of sorts to completely transform the team to a dream team.

Group Better Relations is helping two or more people sort out their differences, heal connections, and make a positive recovery of their challenging interpersonal relations.

Team and group  sessions are available for booking upon request. Please email with  the subject line TEAM SESSION or GROUP SESSION and describe the size as well as the particular needs of your group in the body of the email with some suggested available times for the session(s).

I have a check in service for projects, progress, motivation or wellness.  It is great if you need that accountability piece of I am going top get this done by this time or these are my goals I wish to accomplish. The Check In service is also great if you need a top up in moral. Check In Service is set up as a one-on-one and  can be booked as a group check in upon request.

Hosting Platform Services

Be found, get traffic, receive funding and network  your business on the Resource page!

You do not need a website or social media account to post your business.


The  hosting platform services offered on this site:


Basic Bundle: Have your business on the site this includes opportunities for boosting traffic,  getting funding and networking with similar businesses 

Premium Package: Same as the basic plus on going feedback, and check -ins  via email, one google or facebook advertisement a month featuring your business, and a landing page on ( the basic has a informative chart with images/text and a donation page but does not have its own separate landing page that the premium package includes)  The landing  page can function as a full website and designed  by  Catrina who designed  all of this site.  

Featured Business:  Have your business featured for one week on the site, in a blog, on social media and with an advertisement campaign.

Uplifting Items Store

Original art pieces for sale by commission currently available for purchase  and  in stock  art pieces coming soon!

Connect with me if you would like alterations to the design of a store item. 

New design collections are added every month!

Many blessings and have a great day!

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