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My vision is to provide a place for heart-centered businesses to be found, get funding and network with people starting similar businesses. The businesses I accept on my site are ones that focus on helping people, growing communities or are good for the planet. Donations to the businesses on this page get paid out to that company at the end of each month (Some donations take up to 21 days to be processed. In such cases, the payout will happen at the end the following month.) Crowefire Consulting does not take a commission sum or chunk of your earnings beyond the affordable monthly fees for hosting your business. There are networking groups for each type of business that you get access to with your hosting platform bundle. The hosting services I offer are listed at the the bottom of the page. If you have any questions do not hesitate to email support at

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Name of Business:

Crowefire Consulting


This is a primarily a virtual business based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Mailing address is:

Crowefire Consulting

M101, 2583 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON,

Canada, K2B 7H7

Business Related Links:

Services And Products Offered:

  • Wellness Programs

  • Mental Health Recovery and Support

  • Coaching and Consulting Services

  •  Networking, Community Building and Resource Sharing

  • Uplifting Items Store and Art Gallery

What Type Of Business?

Crowefire Consulting  is dynamic website that offers a variety services and products. It is a wellness coaching, and consulting website that sells clothing and helps build community networks.

Contact Information:

Feel free to reach out at

Business Mission:

My mission is to help as many people as possible become the best version of themselves they can be and to make a positive impact on society. I hope to spread inspiration, healing, love and joy to dark corners of the soul.

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How to Get Connected And The Resource Services Offered:

Please book a Resource Discussion  Session in the online booking tab to see if my services are right for you and so I can tailor your experience on Crowefire Consulting to best fit your needs. I will put much thought and consideration into giving you insightful useful feedback on your business as well as help you come up with next steps during the session.

The opportunities I offer:


Networking: Being part of a dynamic and resourceful network in your field. The networks are available for everyone that wishes to join and passes the review process.

Basic Bundle: Have your business on the site this includes opportunities for boosting traffic,  getting funding and networking with similar businesses 

Premium Package: Same as the basic plus on going feedback, and check -ins  via email, one google or facebook advertisement a month featuring your business, and a landing page on ( the basic has a informative chart with images/text and a donation page but does not have its own separate landing page that the premium package includes) 

Featured Business: For one week have your business featured on the site, in a blog, on social media and with an advertisement campaign.

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