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Special Deals!

Wellness Plan: $35 Canadian for 5 Friday Wellness Program Sessions includes membership to the large wellness discussion group.

 Coaching and Consulting Packages: 3 for $333, 5 for $555 Canadian

Skill Exchange

Price is $ 17.50 Canadian plus one hour of you teaching me for one hour of my service that are booked within a week of each other.


Acceptable Exchange Skills:

-  Voice and musical instruments

-  Signing and verbal languages

Coaching and business advice

I may consider learning other skills not listed.

Space is limited for this option.

Get 30% Off

Your first store order when book a one-on-one session, a Monday Circle Program, or a team or group session (Applicable for each individual participant to receive a 30% off coupon),

Receive a $10 Off

When you spend $75 or more in the store.

Unlimited Community Project Discussion Groups and Bulletin Boards $17.50/month Canadian

Found on the Connect page, $6.50/Month for one group and forum

if you want to just join the large wellness group without the wellness plan it is $10/month and the small wellness groups are $22/month 

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